About Us

About Us

Shri Visubhai B. Patel, the Chairman of the Simalin incorporated the company in 1973 with a view to manufacture high quality chemicals products in Vadodara, India. Operations started on October 10, 1974. His sound business background and over three and half decade of rich experience in Private and Public sectors in the manufacturing and marketing have assisted to establish the group.


 Shri Visubhai B. Patel, Chairman-B.com, MBA (USA) and MSPA(USA). He has over 40 years experience in manufacturing & general business and management of various products including Organic chemical products.

 Shri Ashok V. Patel, Managing Director-BS(USA), MS(USA) in Chemical Engineering. He has wide experience of over 40 years in the field of process development & chemical manufacturing and senior management.


Simalin Chemicals Industries Private Limited, Vadodara, India was set-up under the technical collaboration from Chematur, Sweden, the world leaders in Formaldehyde Technologies.

Installed capacity of Formaldehyde was 7,500 MT per annum in 1974; today the capacity is 1,50,000 MT per annum. After having substantial expansion activities going on, the total capacity will be 3,00,000 MT per annum.

The installed capacity of Hexamine is 10,000 MT per annum and Para Formaldehyde is 9,000 MT and expansion is going on which will make the total capacity to 12000 MT and 16,000 MT per annum respectively.

Distributor of GNFC’s Methanol – 6,000 MT per annum.


Plant set-up at Vadodara, India under the technical guidance from Chematur, Sweden the world leaders in Formaldehyde technologies.

Our QA laboratory is equipped with GC, Karl-Fisher, TLC Analysis equipment, conductivity, Electronic balances etc. Well-qualified experienced chemists support our QA Laboratory.


The Companies have a wide spread-marketing network in the main chemical zones of India, with it’s headquarter in Vadodara, India and offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Professional teams like Regional Marketing Manager and Sales Executives Supports this marketing infrastructure.

We also have representatives to market our products at Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.


Our manufacturing facilities employ the latest state of the art technology from companies with international reputations and proven track records.

The Formaldehyde units are based on the modern Silver catalyst Process whereas the Continuous Liquid Phase Process has been used in the H.M.T. Plant

SCIPL Plants are specifically designed for steady, sustained operations, equipped with distributed digital control based electronic instrumentation which greatly enhances the speed and precision of operational control resulting in complete reliability.

The entire manufacturing facility is fully automated to ensure environment clean, safe and efficient operations around the clock consistently producing top quality products.