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Simalin Chemical Industries Private Limited, Vadodara, India was set-up under the technical collaboration from Chematur, Sweden. The company has it’s headquarter in Vadodara & offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi. It also has a wide spread marketing network in the main chemical zones of India.
Our Popular Products
Formaldehyde is widely used in the manufacture of amino and phenolic resins, metal homopolymers, slow release fertilizers.

One of the major uses of Hexamine is in the manufacture of dinitrosopentamethylene-tetramine, a blowing agent for rubber.

Paraformaldehyde is widely used For Manufacturing of Phenolic urea and Malamine Resins (condensation reactions). For production.

Methanol used in chloromethanes, synthetic resins, refrigerants, insecticides, pesticides, coolant for automotive and aircraft.